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>>> >now that the rage and death has died down, the stomach wounds are coming in. hopefully everyone has already noticed that these will be getting fixed today last time i checked, I think I needed to fill out a form. I just want to add a new bathroom, if you haven't already, and allow it to be a small rest area. I'm happy with that, and hope it's good to go. I'm adding a door, just for fun, and maybe a walkway as well. The wall textures have been improved, and the new textures for the apartment start to show up. The new textures are quite a bit different than the previous ones, and a bit different than the ones in the kit, so they might take a while to get used to. The advantage is that it's very consistent across the board, so it might seem to be more work to paint, but in fact it's easier, because you'll never have to do a dark and light version, just the new, more natural and "3D" colors. I should have started this update by saying, "the new bathroom is looking really good". I did that in the picture I posted, and I really meant it, because this is going to be the first time that all the rooms in the apartment will have this new look. A lot of people asked me if I could make the main room look different than the rest, but this is going to be a different approach, and it's going to give me and the rest of you an excellent idea of how I want the Apartment to look. As for the Kitchen and Laundry room, it's very much like the other two, but better. If you look closely, you can probably find some way that they're different. The other rooms are all getting some improvements. The best place to start is the Living room. The wooden floor and wall textures have been improved to use that new textured wall material I mentioned. The bookshelves have also been improved, and I plan to make them a bit more solid. The dining room now has a new wall texture, and I've also added a back wall, for the first time, to make it look more complete. Other changes include new paneling for the walls, new wood floors for the hallway and the bathroom, new window treatments for the kitchen, and new bedding for the master bedroom. This is also




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